IDL Fish Project

In our IDL classes this year we have explored a lot of tools and materials for making. This lesson goes back to basics - paper and brads. What can you make with simple paper and brads? Can you blend art, biology and engineering in one super project? My friends Matt Cavanaugh and Katheleen Scudder of Heavy Eyes LLC, a design firm based in New York that comes up with some of the most eye-popping retail store displays you can imagine have done just that! This are the same people who designed the shape of the shark that I robotified from up-cycled Amazon cardboard boxes. The larger .pdf file is the presentation slide deck from a workshop they did with some other students. He was so excited with how much fun the students had that he wanted to have me share both the design and slide deck with you! Here is the link.

This project is best done with a hot glue gun and heavier construction paper, but it can also be done with regular paper and scissors with some careful work. You will need some paper and brass brads. My invitation to you is to scroll through the slide show with your whole family. The presentation covers their incredible design work for retail displays and them moves into how an idea moves into a design, and finally a prototype. You can see their thinking from original sketches to prototype. The smaller PDF is the actual design they came up with. Ideally we would all be at the school and build this fish out of laser cut parts, but I have found scissors to be a pretty good substitute for paper cutting:) 

If after looking at the project with your family you decide to wait until next year to build it in the i.lab that is TOTALLY fine. I wanted to wrap up the year with a really good example of how we can express ourselves through making with simple materials. This is that project.

Project Files

Fish_Parts (pdf)


Fish_Heavy_Eyes (pdf)