To everyone in the

Magellan Community:

Thank you for your interest in coming together to help those in need of personal protection equipment (PPE) in the Austin area. 

Please see below for two ways to get involved.


Mr. Patrick, Innovation Director

Magellan School's  i.lab for Design + Making

Primary: Cloth Face Masks

Austin Mask Exchange

Magellan families can have the most immediate impact by doing one or more of the following through the Austin Mask Exchange website:

  1. register to Volunteer to make and/or distribute masks
  2. donate Supplies to the Austin Mask Exchange.
  3. donate Money to the Austin Mask Exchange.

Those registering to make masks gain access to the Austin Mask Exchange spreadsheet which is the master list of everyone who has requested one or more hand sewn masks. 

Each entry includes people from all walks of life, their needs, and other relevant information. 

Here’s just one of the many requests we can help meet:

“Hello there! I am a Registered Nurse working at a central Austin hospital. I take care of adult patients and sometimes COVID19 patients when they are admitted to the hospital. I am a UT grad and I have lived in Austin for 5 years! I love this city and I am so glad I live in a great community with wonderful, diverse and artistic people. I live with my boyfriend who is also a UT grad. 

I spent most of my days at home or at work. I go out once a week to get groceries during this stay at home time, so if possible I would like to ask for two masks to alternate while going out.”

Families would simply pick from this list and “adopt” a request to fulfill. This can be done multiple times by each family and could be an excellent option for the 8th grader service project, too. 


Secondary: 3D Printing / Laser Cutting

Digital Fabrication

This is smaller in scope but equally valuable: laser cutting and/or 3D printing other PPE items, like face shields and ear savers. 

Here is  Magellan's listing on the Austin Mask Exchange for reference.

Magellan families can support this effort by:

  1. donating materials and sending it directly to Mr. Patrick. He will provide his address when contacted. 
  2. donating funds for Mr. Patrick to purchase these materials via his nonprofit maker studio, co.lab // Community Makers.
  3. those with access 3D printer and/or laser cutter can fabricate their own pieces and coordinate with Mr. Patrick.


As of today, Mr. Patrick has made and donated about 20 sets of NIH approved face shields and about 1000 ear savers  for Austin area clinics/hospitals. Donating additional materials and funds would help him continue making these essential items.


Materials Needed

Supplies for Face Shields

*Transparency Sheets

Thin, clear plastic sheets like these are for the face cover.

*Buttonhole Elastic

Adjustable elastic bands like this help to keep the face shield secure around the wearer's head.

*Adhesive Foam Strips

Foam strips like these are adhered to the inside of the face shield frame to make it more compfortable.

*3D Printing Filament

Each face shield frame is 3D printed on an Ultimaker 3 (from the i.lab!) with this Ultimaker material.

Supplies for Ear Savers

*Acrylic Sheets

The fastest way to make ear savers is by laser cutting them from 1/8 inch thick 12" x 20" sheets (any color) from Glowforge, or 1/8 inch thick 12" x 12" sheets from E Street Plastics.

If purchased from Glowforge, use this code for a 20% discount: EARSAVERSACRYLIC

Donate Funds

If you prefer to support this effort by donating funds, simply click the button below. Donations will go to co.lab // Community Makers, a 501(c)(3) maker stutio co-founded by Mr. Patrick. 

These funds will be used to purchase the materials listed above and distribute PPE to frontline workers in need. Thank you!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Contact Mr. Patrick at: